Zakiz is panache, comfort, freedom and expressing yourself through fashion. Zakiz is the home of leather with a range of handcrafted fashionable products for everyone.

We use highly skilled craftsmen with decades of artisanal experience, finest leather and a flair of our Zakiz touch which represents a timeless and iconic statement of style.

Quality, attention to detail, comfort are some of the areas where we have a strict no-compromise policy. Anyone who owns a Zakiz, owns it for life!

We are passion-driven towards our motto of spreading joy through fashion which motivates us to keep creating newer designs, improvising on comfort and defining fashion rather than following the trends.

We’re proud of our philosophy “Zakiz – For Life” because we feel a Zakiz garment is an extension to your persona and more. We aim to create just that, something of great value for every occasion and to last you a lifetime. A material possession you value, be proud of and wear with comfort and confidence to complement your personality and communicate your sense of stylistic comfort. We want our customers to think of Zakiz as their second skin.

We have our own range of garments and we create customized designs for our customers exclusively as per their requirements adding our zest as a finishing touch. To create great power for you, comes great responsibility to us and be rest assured, we consider power to you as power to us!

There is no air of pretentiousness, no sense of superficiality. We are simply and truly committed to producing the best of leather garments for you without any claims of luxury, because anything which is crafted as a labour of Love and with a genuine passion is beautiful and luxurious inherently.

We are Zakiz London – a brand you can trust to create your leather fashions for Life.